Monday, March 19, 2007


Brochures are Out!

Want to get a touch for Outbike. Then have a look in your town's/city's major bike stores to find our brand new brochure. With information about the 'Bike 'n Wheels Expedition' soon to start its pedal across Australia, 'The Great Outback Trains, Pubs and Bones Bike Ride', you want to be quick for this one, 'Outbike the Original' and the even more luxurious 'Alluring Adelaide'.

Can't find the brochure or want a booking form, then check out the website, or navigate through the other blogs or contact us on

Hope to hear from you soon

Monday, March 05, 2007


Lubricants: Oil or wax based, which is better?

The Outbike team recommends wax-based lubricants for our rides due to the dry conditions. Wax-based lubricants, unlike most petroleum/oil based lubes, don’t attract dust and dirt. Water and mud is rarely a problem, but dust, dirt and sand does get lifted by wind and the tyres from the roads and tracks. It gets between your bikes moving parts and causes friction. You can already hear the squeaks I’m sure. Although wax based lubes do have to be applied more frequently as they brake down more easily (better for the environment) cost a little more, they will give you a quieter and smoother bike that will love you for longer. Need a brand name, ‘White Lighting’ is our recommendation.
To have a look at how to best lubricate your bike click here

Monday, February 05, 2007



Hello Happy Riders,
The Bike 'n Wheels Expedition and The Great Outback Bike ride are in full swing and so is Our Original, our longest running ride and some say the best. If you enjoy a challenge this is the ride for you!
Over the last century farmers and our government have created an awe-inspiring 900km 'bike path' to take in the red centre's hidden gems. This path is occasionally visited by the odd vehicle, generally one of the locals living in this vast country. Few people really know how beautiful this stretch of very changing desert really is...which is another reason why we love it so much.
A picture is worth a thousand have a look. Click on the Tour Pictures link or here for a slide show.
Then come out to see the real thing...that is worth memories for life.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Get Out There!

It's part gruelling mountain bike ride, part nomadic desert trek, part luxury holiday and part outback camping safari.

It's all these things and more...

From the Central Australian town of Alice Springs, through the remote corners of the Western Simpson Desert to opal mining underground town Coober Pedy - our original Outbike trip is a 14-day journey through what seems like another world.

It's harsh yet vibrant, remote yet close-knit, diverse and thriving.

We take cycling beyond the beyond...


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